Dating online?

You’ll LOVE our FireFox Plug-in.

Dating Accelerator exstension for FireFox makes things easier. Every time you open your FireFox browser, we set your dating profiles to "Online Now!” for you..

OK, so how will this help me?

It saves you time, everyone loves time!

It’s just a simple convenience, totally free. Dating Accelerator logs in to all of your dating sites for you, and automatically sets the profiles to “Online Now!” to save you doing it manually.

More profile views and messages!

If you’re “Online Now” across all of your sites at once, you’ll never miss a message from a potential match! It will also encourage more people to view your profile! (and send spontaeneous, flirty PM’s!)

What our users think..

“Dating Accelerator is a convenience I can now not do without! Automatic login on 5 different dating sites without even having to click!” - Kyee

Which dating sites are supported?

Well... quite a lot. Over 100, actually.

Having accounts on multiple sites is effective. This is exactly why we have included support for just about every well established dating site on the web. For a full list of the sites Dating Accelerator supports, click here.

More questions? check out the FAQ!